“ There is nothing new in world except the history you do not know.” – Harry Truman

A topical editorial in the Rising Kashmir describes how sudden postings and transfers that are tailored to suite the elite ruling lobby has enslaved the political system completely

Of Transfers and Reshuffles

What started as a noble mission in 90s has now turned as one of the worst forms of nepotism from State Government towards the chosen few. Deceit has no form and people who commit it have no character. As rightly said by George Orwell in famous political satire, Animal Farm, all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

In the ongoing Assembly session the state government recently admitted that 161 doctors and paramedics posted in evening clinics created during the then Governor Jagmohan’s rule are still drawing salaries without doing any work. This is just the tip of the iceberg as transfer and posting mafia has plagued the administrative setup beyond repair. There is a well maintained rehabilitation policy to cater the relatives of elite politicians, bureaucrats, senior officers and other well connected and influential businessmen.

Pulp posting and transfers are tailored to suite this elite lobby which has enslaved the system completely in Rural Development, Social Welfare, Education and Health and all other major departments. This transfer mafia is actually a high end cashless corruption where give and take is not in form of money but the perks generated through such transfers help the blue-eyed class to create a stronger grip over power. Some time back in school education department its new director tried to quell this mess but had to eat the humble pie as pressure from different quarters crushed the resistance of change. This partiality for a particular class has affected the output of the departments which in turn affects the growth of the state and the society. There are valid candidates and officials who deserve to be on posts which are apt with their qualification and skills, but they never manage to have a hold on them just because some bureaucrat kith or kin wants to be placed there not because they are equally qualified, but it is nearer to there home or city. This cynical approach from the people who run the governing setup discourages the able and talented workers who want to help the society.

The top bracket of State administration has to lift themselves beyond this pity politics of reshuffles and transfers and instead clean up this muddle of unnecessary changes which will impart the much needed fresh air in the system and will allow it to breathe new air of creativity and energy.