“History repeats itself, that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history.” -Clarence Darrow

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Gulmarg in Winter

Chatti Padshah Gurudwara


Shankaracharya Temple

Shiv Temple located on the ancient Jyeshteshwar shrine built by King Sandhiman (2605 – 2540 B.C.), reconstructed by King Gopadiyta in 367 B.C., and refurbished by King Jalaukasa in 200 B.C. Named after the famous Hindu philosopher Adi Shankaracharya who visited the temple in early 9th Century A.D.

harwan tiles12

Terracotta from Harwan

The town of Harwan, located 18 kilometers from Srinagar, was a flourishing Buddhist sanctuary during the Kushan period (2nd to 4th Century). The name of the town is a contraction of “Shadarhadvana”, meaning “Grove of the Six Saints”. The great Buddhist Council that reconciled 18 different schools of Buddhism was held in Harwan. The terracotta tile was most probably produced during the reign of King Huvishk in the late 2nd Century, who also founded Huvishkapura near the current town of Baramula.