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Dr. Iftikar ponders on societal response to Kashmir’s greatest tragedy

A Society Which Sleeps Over the Deaths of 500 Infants

Dr Iftikar (Rising Kashmir)

If you want to know that society which slept over the death of 500 tender souls, just look around and then look at your own self, you will surely find it. As state subjects, we all are equally responsible for these deaths as is the government of our state. ‘Kashir Manz chini kah health care, yeti mare insan Tap seeth’ these are the most common words which all of us use, when we need medical facilities or when we carry someone to hospital. Trust me; this is our only contribution to medical setup of the state.

Proactive, intellectual, educational class is the backbone of any society which we have but when it comes to doing good for a healthy society, almost everyone is a failure. I am not provoking any one for ‘kani jang’ against the government but yes I am provoking every one for being a responsible positive and constructive citizen.

In 2012, we lost nearly 500 infants due to one reason or the other. These figures could have been controlled and reduced by 50 percent but unfortunate approach of Medical education Minister and his team left us nowhere. If it would not have been our local media which highlighted these unfortunate deaths, the rate would have been much higher. Thousands of kids at an alarming rate would have been lost. It could have been possible the way government and our Society responded to these 500 deaths.

Apart from media, the personnel intervention of CM on regular basis improved the setup to reasonable level. After all he himself is a father of two kids. His role needs to be appreciated considering the improvements that happened in GB Pant hospital, valley’s only pediatric hospital, after the fiasco. At the same time, being head of the state, he is responsible for whatever happened.

As far as the Health Minister of the state is concerned, it is an irony that he is still occupying the chair. Strange very strange. I am not against him. I don’t even know him but can someone please tell me what he and his team had been doing for months together which brought the system down to the level of a disaster.

Ventilator tubes are supposed to be changed from patient to patient or sterilized but take a shocker here. For 6 months they were not changed. It was shameful of such doctors, who used to put babies on these ventilators which proved to be the major cause of deaths. Allegations of strong drug mafia, PG student being forced to give money and even forced to prescribe specific brand medicines are no small allegations. All this continued for three-four months. Bohat shor howa, sabne afsoos kiya, HOD attach hova, kahani khatam.

There are many organizations working for the development of J&K but no one came forward to raise a question. GB Pant mess also brought to surface the confused and divided political control in the congress. Peerzada’s resignation came so fast as if he had himself copied in the exams. I am not defending him rather I am trying to understand is copying a more serious crime than a criminal negligence which led to 500 deaths?

Every political party is getting ready for2014. No one is speaking against the deaths. Even the opposition has decided not to utter a word. Open assaults were made by CM on the credibility of Health Minister but even that didn’t make any visible impact. May be Delhi had a greater say.

I hope that the Hon’lbe Health Minister does not get angry at me. I wanted to take these things out of my mind. Don’t mind. By the way, in your opinion, who is responsible for these hospital deaths? Somebody needs to answer.