“ There is nothing new in world except the history you do not know.” – Harry Truman

Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat from Gopalpora, Chandoora, narrates two harrowing tales of mismanagement of public services and government apathy.

(Dr. Bhat, 32, was born in Wathoora village in the Budgam district and matriculated from Tyndale Biscoe Memorial High School in 1993. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from from the Karnatka University in 2000. He has a private dental practice in Chandoora and is a social activist dedicated to educating public on the Right To Information legislation.)


This is in responce to the achievements of District hospital Pulwama kashmir published in the Greater Kashmir (GK) dated 26th November 2007.The Medical Superintendent has shown the revenue generated in 6 months in the year 2007 wef 1.4.2007 to 31.10.2007 and the year 2006. In this context i want to ask the Medical Superintendent of DH Pulwama regarding following irregularities in the Dental Department. Total number of dental fillings done in 2007 wef 1.4.2007 to 31.10.2007 (six months) is 2122 and the revenue generated is a megre amount of only Rs. 2765 (Rupees two thousand, seven hundred and sixty five).If Distt hospital authorities charge only Rs 10/ for each dental filling the amount generated must be Rs. 21220(Rupees twenty one thousand two hundred twenty),but Distt hospital Pulwama has only generated Rs. 2765. It means the Dental section of this hospital is charging only Rs.1.25 (one rupee and twenty five paisa) per filling. In addition to that there were some 895 dental procedures performed in 2007 but no money was collected for these treatments.

It may be mentioned here that only dental extractions are done free of cost in Govt hospitals. At the DH Pulwama, only 124 dental x-rays have been done in 6 months of year 2007. It meams only one or two x-rays were carried out per day. What we see in private clinics is that Dentists perform at least 5 x-rays per day but in a Distt hospital only one or two x-rays are done per day, and even for these 124 dental x-rays no revenue was generated i.e., these were done free of cost.

If we see the collections in the year 2006, everyone will be stunned. Total dental fillings done in year 2006 are 6655 i.e., six thousand, six hundred and fifty five, but DH Pulwama collected only Rs. 9310 (Rupees nine thousand, three hundred and ten). Actually the hospital was supposed to generate at least Rs. 66,550 (more than sixty six thousand rupees)if at least Rs. 10 was charged for each dental filling. Again 892 dental procedures other than dental extractions and fillings have been done free of cost and the income generated is nil. For 474 dental x-rays done in the year 2006 no money was charged from patients.

These are the official figures from the Medical Superintendent of Pulwama Distt Hospital published in a local paper. What about those hospitals who do not publish such information? God only knows how much misappropiation of funds will be taking place in other Govt hospitals. I appeal to the Health Minister, the Vigilance Commissioner, and others to probe such irregularities in all Govt hospitals so that people do not suffer any more with regard to basic health care needs.

I appeal to the people of my state to make use of J&K Right To Information Act 2004 (RTI) more rigrously to get all the information from all Govt departments where there is an appearance of irregularities. Let us all make our Administration accountable and transparent.


This is in refrence to the pathetic condition of Chadoora tehsil of district Budgam.Chadoora was granted the status of tehsil in early 70s but it has always been bestowed with stepmotherly treatment by the administrators and politicians of J&K.

Recently on the recomendations of delimitation commission headed by former Chief Secretary Mr S.S Bilorea few sub divisions were created in J&K state. Chadoora being one of the oldest tehsils of Kashmir valley, and having a vast jurisdiction, was totally neglected from being elevated into a sub-division. Just one year back before delimitation of tehsils and districts took place, Chadoora tehsil had its jurisdiction starting from Kursoo Rajbagh to Pakherpora Yusmarg. As per Goverment norms a sub-division must contain more than one tehsil in it. As for as Chadoora is concerned it would contain newly created tehsil of Charar-i-sharief and proposed tehsil of Bagaat-e-Kannipora including Chadoora tehsil if it would have been granted status of a sub division. Chadoora has a court of Munsif judicial magistrate, three rural development blocks – Chadoora,Kannipora, Nagam.

But this is a matter of grave concern that inspite of having all the necessary infrastructure Chadoora was neglected totally by Boleria Commission and what is more pinching is that this commission elevated Khansahib tehsil into Sub-division. Till 2006 Khansahib was just a small rural development block and in the same year it was granted tehsil status and after few months it got elevated into sub-division. This is sheer injustice with the people of Chadoora.

Bilorea commission too has proved to be a tooth-less tiger like other commissions of our state such as the Human Rights Commission, and Accountibility commission. There has been a gross political interferance in Bilorea Commission. Khansahib has much lesser patwari and panchayati halqaas than Chadoora. Even the population of Khansahib is half than that of Chadoora.

Chadoora town has a muncipal committee but it too is powerless. There is not a single public lavatory in the whole town with the result people especially women face lot of inconvience.Chadoora bridge is under construction since last 10 years. There is no degree college inspite of the fact that Chadoora covers a vast area and students from far flung areas of Charar-i-sharief, Yusmarg, Pakherpora and Branwar have to travel all the way to Srinagar after passing 10+2 school education. Even in this 21st century people of Chadoora town and its adjacent villages are drinking unfiltered water as there is no filtration plant for Chadoora.

Most of the far flung areas of Chadoora have not been brought under Backward area while as 80% villages of Charar-i-sharief and Khansahib are having RBA status. I appeal to Chief Minister, Mr Azad, and Chairman of delimitation commission, Mr Bilorea, to give a patient hearing to the plea of Chadoora people who have always been neglected because of political expediency.