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A clear case of too little, too late …..

LA Committee Calls for Proper Environment Management

Jammu: Seeking its intervention, the Environment Committee of J&K Legislative Assembly (LA) today asked the Government to take up issues related to environment on priority, considering the significance and bearing environment has on the overall economy of the State and its geographical grandeur.

The Committee, which met here today under the Chairmanship of MLA Nizam-ud-Din Bhat, said that prior to submission of the final report to the House, some immediate measures are needed to be taken to save the State from economic and geographical disaster.

The Committee suggested that declining water table and natural beauty of the State, particularly, the Kashmir Valley demands focused attention also suggested that guidance should be sought from the Union Ministry of Environment, and efforts should also be made to find out models which can help the State in planning the environment management.
The Committee is submitting a comprehensive report based on the inputs received from various field agencies and through personal observations during its tenure and it would be impressed upon the House to ensure that environment is made a priority measure in the State without which, the Committee feels neither resources can be protected nor be productively enhanced and it was also not possible to have an ideal environmental atmosphere for posterity.

The Committee felt that enough wisdom and knowledge is available at global level on environment concerns and hoped that J&K State, for its past glory and unprecedented environmental personality, will not lag behind and sees the opportunity for making J&K an adequately environment friendly State.

Legislators, Rafi Ahmad Mir, Peer Mohammad Mansoor, Bimla Luthra, Krishen Chander, Mushtaq Ahmad and other concerned senior officers attended the meeting.

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