“ There is nothing new in world except the history you do not know.” – Harry Truman

Jawad, a true patriot and a noble soul of Kashmir, speaks the voice of reason. In our hearts, we also know that he speaks the truth

(Mr. Jawad Hussain Reshi, 56, was born in Kralteng, Anantnag. He went to local government schools for his early education, and received his B.Sc. and LL.B (Hons) degrees from the University of Kashmir. He is a practicing lawyer at the J&K High Court in Srinagar. He is a political activist and may join a political party. He is also a freelance journalists writing on international topics from time to time.)

Misgoverning Kashmir

The NC led government has miserably failed to curb the menace of corruption which accounts for half of the problem state is facing because of decades of misrule and miss governance at the hands of its leaders. Whether it was Sheikh Abdullah’s government or Dr. Farooq’s or that of their present Chief Minster Mr. Omar Abdullah, their track record is no different from each other. However on this front at least there is a full co-operation and coordination going on between the two coalition partners in power in the state that is National Conference and Congress.

Secessionist leaders are no exception to it either. A majority of these leaders are enjoying a lavish lifestyle without any ostensible means of income or sustenance while as people in general have suffered a worst kind of hardship and pain during the past two decades of turmoil in the valley. Thousands have turned destitute and orphans with one to worry or care for them. Over one lakh unemployed youth and an equal number of families are left without a bread earner. A sad state of affairs by any standards.

There is no doubt that state has all along received liberal funding from the central government but most of these funds get secretly transferred to to the wrong hands that is true as well. As a result thereof a large section of population has remained alienated. It is, therefore, main cause for lack of development and has led to a political unrest of decades together. Had there been a genuine disposal of these funds, state would have by now become prosperous and self-reliant. However a few who have benefited from it have made fortunes.

During the beginning of this year, Mr. Omar Abdullah, had promised that he will ensure that people will get a corruption-free government and those found guilty of it are brought to the book. But there is hardly anything that was done thereafter to curb this menace except for making of that statement. Vigilance Organisation which was expected to undertake this drive has hardly booked a clerk, policeman, Patwari, forest guard, VLC, Lambardar, store keeper or an engineer ever since that time.

Misgovernance at this scale and level has never ever been seen in the past. Every cabinet minister is a Chief Minster unto himself and is hardly accountable before anyone. There is a government within a government in every department and no one including Chief Minster is allowed to question the functioning thereof. Every officer and a government employee is master of his own. As a result thereof government people alienation is so wide that it was never before.

Unless this government is cleaned up and the Ministers with tainted images are laid off no one will believe or trust government’s seriousness. May be it is inherent with every coalition governments everywhere that no individual initiatives are possible. But that does not mean that one should surrender before the vested interests within his own fold or from the camp of a coalition partner with whose support this government is in power.

We must make use of tools like newly constituted Accountability Commission and RTI as effectively as possible to curb this menace and bring around some social change which we all want and deserve.